Saturday, September 7, 2013

Valuable Links- Paradise of Agents

So I thought I'd start sharing some of the links that really helped me in my writing journey. I'll try to make it a weekly event, at least until I run out of links. If that is possible. My favorite's list is like a mile long. This week's is really useful if you are in the query trenches.

Everyone knows it's hard to met the agent that is perfect for you. It has all the sting of online dating . And so many agents accept queries, but they're pretty busy with the clients they already have. Enticing an agent is difficult. I'm living proof of that, but also proof that it can be done. Sometimes the best bet is finding an agent that is new to the business. Not only are they hungrier, but they are actually looking for clients instead of just sorting through query letters and waiting to be impressed.

So how do you find new agents, besides slogging through twitter?  Well, Writer's Digest puts them in neat little packages, complete with their genre interests and their submission guidelines. It's a querier's paradise.

Ready for it?  Here's the link. New Agency Alerts

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