Saturday, February 1, 2014

SVS AGENT Round Entry 4: HOT TUB SANTA, Picture Book

Genre: 4 – 8 years old PB
Word Count: 432

My Main Character is most uncomfortable with:  
There’s no place like snow for Santa…a change of address would turn this rosy-cheeked, hot chocolate drinking, sled driving, jolly fellow into a thin, suntanned, salad-eating not-so-jolly dude --- and none of us want that.


Dear Agent,

When Mrs. Claus gives a stressed out Santa a hot tub as an early Christmas present, Santa is excited. But all those cookies he’s been sneaking make the climb into the hot tub a little wobbly. Thankfully, he has a few feisty penguins to give him a boost inside.
After having a jolly ole time in the tub, it’s time to get ready for the Big Night. But, Santa discovers that getting out of the tub is even trickier than getting in. Not even a great big hug from a Polar Bear can get him out. And with no time left, it’s up to Santa’s friends at the North Pole to get creative – or it will be too late to deliver the presents in time for Christmas.

First 250 Words:
(Chilly and Willy are penguins)
(Jingles is a reindeer)
(Paws is a polar bear)
(Art note: Santa is stressed with lists, schedules, maps, etc. scattered all around him.)
“Merry Christmas, Santa!” Mrs. Claus cheered. “Now, you can relax and have a jolly ole time as you warm up for The Big Night.”
“Great mistletoes! It’s a hot tub! Ho-ho-ho!"
Mrs. Claus smiled and handed Santa his favorite striped swimsuit.
Santa climbed onto the ladder. 


“I’m going to need a little help getting in,” Santa chuckled.

“We’ll give you a boost, Santa,” Chilly said, eagerly flapping his wings.

Chilly waddled under Santa. Willy climbed on top of Chilly’s shoulders.
Chilly and Willy gave Santa

a heave…

   and a ho-ho-ho!

 “Come on in everyone!”

Paws brought a snorkel in his big claws…

   …Jingles brought a ball to bounce off his antlers.

      …And Chilly and Willy had a water flipper fight.

Santa and the others played…

   …and splashed

      …and had a jolly ole relaxing time.

“Santa!” Mrs. Claus appeared with a towel in her hand. “It’s time to get ready for the Big Night!”
Santa pushed, he pulled…

   …Santa twisted sideways.

      …Santa kicked his feet.

         …But Santa couldn’t climb out!

 “We’ll get you out, Santa!” Chilly and Willy gave Santa

a heave…

    …and a ho-ho-ho
…But Santa barely budged.

 “Let me try!” Jingles scooched his antlers under Santa and gave Santa

a jolt…

   …and jar

…But Santa just jiggled.

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