Monday, June 8, 2015

QK Agent Round: Eavesdropping Monkey, PB Humorous

Entry Nickname: Eavesdropping Monkey
Word count: 650
Genre: Children’s Picture Book - Funny


The elephants are planning a family reunion. When the monkeys overhear, they decide to have one, too. But they’re not the only ones. The whole family reunion concept is too good to miss out on and it spreads across the jungle like a Savanna grass fire! Soon the watering hole is filled to capacity with animals of different species; which causes a real bungle in the jungle. Tempers flare as each species fights for their right to reunite with their own kind. Finally, a wise frog speaks up with a whole new concept that blows the family reunion idea right out of the watering hole! FAMILY REUNION is an amusing tale of diversity and acceptance. It is approximately 650 words and is written mainly for the 4-8 age range.

First 250 words: On a hot, steamy day in the Jungle of Kree,
                             A sly, nosey monkey swung from a tree.
                             He was eavesdropping on a large elephant herd,
                             And he hung there and listened to every last word.

                            “We’ll invite all our cousins from near and afar,”
                            Said the matriarch queen named Ali Dalmar.

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