Monday, June 8, 2015

QK Agent Round: Sand Dollar, PB Humorous, lyrical

Entry nickname: Sand Dollar
Title: Sand Dollar Shopper
Word count: 200
Genre: Picture Book (humorous, lyrical) 


A young boy’s imagination soars as he and his mother collect Sand Dollars at the beach. “Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar, what will I buy?” With his “dollars,” he imagines buying a
surfboard-turtle, a singing teacher seal, or a treasure boat to hoist up sunken jewels. When the boy discovers he can trade his Sand Dollars for real dollars at the beachside store, he makes a surprising and heartwarming choice that helps his unexpectedly hatless mom and brings the story full circle. Sand Dollar Shopper is a humorous and lyrical 200-word picture book that would appeal to children ages 2-6.

First 50 words:

(Art: Beach, breezy. Mom presses hat to head)            

The wind blows.    
The waves push to the shore,
And pull out again.                                   
Seashells sparkle on the sand. 
I pick them up, one by one.
White shells, brown shells,    
Scallops and snails.     
My favorite is the Sand Dollar!

Sand Dollar, Sand Dollar, what will I buy?


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