Saturday, July 27, 2013

Agent Greeting Contest

Dear Sweetie-pie Agent:

Announcing my teeny-tiny contest. I know very well that writers love to experiment on their queries, tweaking words and sentences, creating version after version. Obsessing over whether it is good enough. The only area where you can have fun and relax is the greeting, which no one will ever see because it is doomed to be replaced with your dream agent's name.

On August 5th, I will launch a post in which you can comment with your best and most imaginative Dear Agent greeting. One entry per customer, but no limit to the creativity. Well, one limit. Keep it clean. Obscene comments will be deleted.  

Dear Hearts-forever Agent:

In return, please be a follower of this blog. If you feel like shouting about your greeting, which I'd appreciate, use the hash #agentgreeting. Querying can be a depressing business. I want this to be fun and twitter makes everything fun.

Dear Smarticus Agent:

I'm sure you are wondering about the prize. I will randomly draw one winner on August 7th, who will receive an email query critique from a generous real-life dream agent. A runner-up winner will receive a copy of Summer's Double Edge, featuring my short story Frost and Fog. Runner-up winner must live in the United States or Canada. First place winner can live anywhere.

Winners must get in touch with me to claim their prizes. Runner-up winner must provide their address. 

If--that's right if--other agents volunteer their critique skills, I will draw more than one winner.  UPDATE #2: I now have THREE FOUR (moving on up) FIVE agents! We'll see if I can find some more! Volunteers are welcome.

So that's it. I will give more details about the agent next week. Stay tuned.


  1. This looks like so much fun!

  2. This is awesome--a contest that is fun and won't make me feel I failed if I don't get chosen. :)

    I'm gonna share it over at AQC right now!

  3. Tweeting it too my friend! Love you.

  4. You are so amazing for thinking of this!

  5. You are so amazing for thinking of this!

  6. Just hash tagged your contest on and am racking my brain, trying to come up with an amazing agent greeting. So far, nothing much.

  7. This looks like great fun!
    I tweeted about the Competition ( ) but getting that much awesome into one tweet was a lot of challenge ;)

  8. This sounds like an awesome contest!!