Monday, July 15, 2013

In Which I'm a Prize

I'm pleased to announce that I'm a prize in Amy Trueblood's 1K Follower Blowout Celebration. Or to be more truthful, my critiquing skills are the prize. To celebrate Amy's 1,000 (wow! I'm impressed.) blog followers, she is giving away the critiques of five authors on the first five pages of the winners' manuscripts, plus some amazing books. So if my tearing apart your query just isn't enough, here's a chance for me to rip your manuscript a new one. *evil laugh* 

You'll know Amy's blog, Chasing the Crazies, for its super First Five Frenzy agent interviews, Writer Odysseys, and contest roundups. So bring your thick skin and follow Amy. Your manuscript will be stronger for it. 

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