Friday, March 28, 2014

A Couple of April Contests

April Showers brings ... Pitch Contests!!  Here's a couple of cool pitch contests coming up in April that you'll want to get involved in.

Pitch Slam! Battle of the Bands!

Submission for this music-themed pitch contest starts on April 20th. You'll need a 35 word pitch, the first 250 of your manuscript, and the song you associate with the theme of your story. There will be managers, talent scouts, and executives from Literary Records to help you along the way. All the information is here. This contest is being put together by the sweetheart Leatrice McKinney, or EL. You might see me around this one somewhere!

 The Writer's Tank!

This contest is based on the tv show Shark Tank. Again you need a 35 word pitch and the first 250 of you manuscript, along with a query letter. Agents will select from pitches to see the query letter and first 250. Submission is April 10th and 11th. It sounds like fun! This contest is run by my good friend SC_Author. You can find out more here.

Like A Virgin 2014

This contest wants only manuscripts that are fresh to the querying/contest scene. This one is for NA and YA only. You'll need a query and your first 250. Hurry and get ready! Submission is April 4th! This contest is run by Rhiann Wynn-Nolet and Kristina Perez. Hashtag #LV14.  Find out more here.

There's nothing like contests for meeting other writers, forming connections, and having a good time during the rejection spree that can be querying. Don't be afraid to try your luck. You might not get chosen but you just might meet some great people and learn something about pitching and querying. Good luck!

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