Thursday, March 6, 2014

Valuable Links: Naming Characters

So you need to come up with a name that means sunshine and has African origins. One of the hardest tasks in writing a book can be creating enough names, especially if you have an epic fantasy or a historical fiction on your hands. As the number of side characters goes up, so does the difficulty. 

And as writers we are perfectionists. We want not just any name, but the perfect fit of a name. Many times I will have a first letter I want to use but I need a place to go to generate names to go with that letter.

Try this baby name generator. Baby Names World has lists of things like cowboy names, Yiddish names, Harry Potter names, sports names and so much more. You can search by gender and country. The last time I used it, you could search by meaning of names.  It's fantastic!

So give yourself a helping hand and generate a name.


  1. Baby name sites are awesome - haven't seen this one though - thanks! :)

  2. What a helpful link! Thank you for sharing it.

  3. I love baby name sites. There's also (I always mess it up) 20-000Names(dot)com. I think that's it. May have to Google it first.