Monday, March 17, 2014

Mini-Contest Winners

Happy Saint Patrick's Day!

My first newsletter went out this morning, and I think the experiment is a success so far. Over one hundred wonderful people signed up for early notice of contests, writing news, and offers. 

Of course you can still sign up using the contact form in the right sidebar. The more the merrier! In April the newsletter will have the call for mentor and judge volunteers to help out with Query Kombat. And I expect it will also hold some sneak peaks at that contest and some agents involved.

As for the mini-contest:

Bess Cozby won the query critique from Sarah Negovetich! And Kathleen Allen won the query critique from me!

I want to thank everyone who entered and signed up for the newsletter. Your support has been wonderful! The writing community is just the best.

I'm happy to give to you guys with this blog and contests. You give such heartwarming support to me in return.  

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