Sunday, November 2, 2014

NoQS 2014 Sum Up

There can't be any doubt that Nightmare on Query Street was a huge, gigantic success once again. This was thanks to the agents and the writers who sent in their entries! And this year I want to give a huge thanks to the mentors! 

I had the best time and hope everyone else did too! I hope to see you for Sun versus Snow in January. (hint, hint)

So now some statistics because (like in sports) you have to endlessly rehash the numbers.

Overall, between the three blogs and 39 entries, there were  86 requests! That is one amazing number!

Team Minion had 32 requests. Sadly, not every entry got request this year. 

Princess Not So Charming- Your first page drew me right in and let me know this was a story I'd like. It made me think of fun!

Crossing Brielle- Your revision blew me away. Your entry went from strong to outstanding with its intensity!

Troll Diaries- Your voice stands out from a mile away. I love the humor and this is a MC I want to get to know!

Keep in mind the small number of agents attending and the subjective nature of contests. Keep pushing forward!

Minions had:
32 Requests

Monsters had:
22 Requests

Spooks had:
9 Screams
32 Requests

Any ninja agents are very, very welcome to make further request now that the contest is over. I'm sure the Minions, Monsters, and Spooks won't mind in the least.

Thanks to everyone and see you next year! 

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