Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Title: Baby Sloth’s Big Adventure
Genre: Fiction + Non-fiction back matter
Word Count: 513 words in text + 430 words Fun Sloth Facts


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

Thanks so much for creating this wonderful venue to help us get the word out about our promising manuscripts. I’m pleased to submit Baby Sloth’s Big Adventure for consideration.

Baby Sloth is bored. All Mama does is eat and sleep. Baby wants to have some fun. But when he falls into the river, an exciting adventure suddenly turns dangerous as he struggles to make it back to the safety before Jaguar catches him. Sprinkled throughout the story, and elaborated on in back matter at the end, are fascinating facts about sloths. With the timeless message of there’s no place like home, and the additional Seven Fun Facts about Sloths, Baby Sloth’s Big Adventure will appeal to children ages 4-8. Coordinating with several ELA Common Core standards, my book will also find a welcoming home in K-2 classrooms throughout the United States.

There are several sloth books on the shelves right now, including Sloth Slept On
(Frann Preston-Gannon), Score One For the Sloths (Helen Lester) and Sloth (Nature’s Children) (Josh Gregory), most of the books are either totally fiction, or totally nonfiction. Baby Sloth’s Big Adventure keeps Baby in his natural environment, providing an entertaining story while incorporating things a sloth might really do (sleeping hanging from trees, going to the bathroom once a week, etc.), and expanding on those facts in back matter at the end. This book will stand out above its competition. 

My writing credits include Buster, the Little Garbage Truck, (Sleeping Bear Press, April 2015), articles in Boys' Life and Highlights magazines, and children's stories in The Healing Touch/Alzheimer's and Chicken Soup for the Soul, Grandmothers, anthologies. In addition, I am a book reviewer for Jewish Book World, a reviewer and editor for and a member of SCBWI.

Thank you for considering Baby Sloth’s Big Adventure. I look forward to hearing from interested participants.

First 50 Words:

Baby Sloth tugged on Mama’s fur. “Let’s play tree-tag.”
Mama laughed. “That would take hours! It’s naptime.”
“Again?” Baby sighed as Mama closed her eyes. He tried to nap. He hung above her head. He swung below. He even tried counting the beetles scurrying under Mama’s thick fur.
    One, two, three…           
       365, 366, 367…


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