Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PBParty 7: DIAMONDS ARE FOR BOYS, TOO!, Chapter Book

Genre: Chapter Book
Word Count: 9,100


Dear Michelle & Sharon, 

First of all, this is so fun! Thank you for supporting the PB community and especially for including chapter book authors in this contest. I hope the first 100 words aren't enough for you.

Most people would describe a diamond as a sparkly, precious gem. For Max McCreek, it's dirt, chalk lines, and fresh cut grass.

Max loves sports. Some would even call him a sports freak. The obsession causes him to daydream during class, get distracted doing jobs at home, and makes him a major target for teasing at school. When everything catches up to him, Max finds himself grounded for Friday's baseball game. He thinks his life is officially over, but Max never gives up! He shows us that BIG things come in small, quirky packages. 

Book one of the Max McCreek Sports Freak series, DIAMONDS ARE FOR BOYS, TOO! is 9,000 words and is geared toward ages 6-10 years old. It will appeal to readers who love the humor of the JUNIE B. JONES series, and the sports action of MATT CHRISTOPHER books. 

Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 100 Words:

Chapter 1: Daydreams = Trouble

I practice my swing in the on-deck circle. My stupid helmet falls over my eyes after each swing, and I have to push it back up, but that doesn't matter. A base hit is all I need. 

"Base hits win ball games, boys," Coach is always telling us. I point my bat to center field, just like Babe Ruth. I know I need to focus on a base hit, but holy cow, it would awesome if I hit a home run!

The score is tied 4-4 in the bottom of the ninth.


  1. The first 100 words certainly are not enough for me. I would love to see more of the manuscript. Please submit it and the query to

  2. Contests are fun for me, too! Please forward the manuscript to Put "PBPITCH September Submission" in the subject line. Thank you!