Wednesday, September 23, 2015

PBParty 8: DISCO BARN, Humorous PB

Genre: Humorous
Word Count: 430


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

Platform shoes. Disco ball. Bell-bottom pants. Farm animals?

When Duck discovers a box filled with disco stuff, he decides to throw a party. But Farmer Frank warned Duck to stay out of his things—or else. Ignoring the warning and his best friend Mouse’s advice, Duck invites the barnyard for a groovy evening.

While Farmer Frank is in town, the animals dress in the seventies’ outfits and boogie down.

But Farmer Frank catches the animals in the act, and Duck’s sure he’s going to be served for dinner.

DISCO BARN is a 245 word humorous PB. I lived through the 70s and donned a pair of bell-bottoms a time or two. I own and direct a childcare center and teach pre-kindergarten. I am an active member of Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators and Rocky Mountain Fiction Writers

First 50 Words:

Duck rummaged through the barn.

“Don’t do it,” Mouse said. “Farmer Frank will get mad.”

“Don’t be such a chicken.” Duck blew dust off a large box. “70s Stuff.”

“Leave it alone,” Mouse said.

“Talk to the tail feathers.” Duck opened the lid. (Illustration note: something inside glimmers—top of disco ball.)


  1. Sounds groovy. You can send the query and manuscript to querymichelle

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