Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Title:  Playing Hide and Seek with Bigfoot
Genre:  Fantasy Children’s Chapter Book
Word Count:  5300


Dear Agent: 

Duncan does not like library day because there are never any good books to read and he dislikes when the librarian shushes him.  Luckily, Duncan’s best friend Abby is in his class with him.  When the librarian looks away Duncan and Abby sneak into the restricted area and find a book called The Enchanted Book of Mythical Creatures. 

In the book they find a page on Bigfoot causing Duncan to wish he could see a real Bigfoot.  The book’s picture turns into a magic portal to the world of mythical creatures and magically transports Duncan and Abby to the redwood forest where Bigfoot lives.  They meet hunters who want to put Bigfoot in a zoo.  Duncan and Abby find Bigfoot to warn him but forget and end up playing with him until the hunters come.  Working together Duncan and Abby help Bigfoot outwit the hunters.

PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK WITH BIGFOOT is a children’s chapter book inspired by the Magic Tree House series.  It is the first book in THE ENCHANTED BOOK OF MYTHICAL CREATURES SERIES, which in each book explores a different mythical creature in a fun and playful way.  

PLAYING HIDE AND SEEK WITH BIGFOOT is complete at 5300 words.

First 100 Words:

“Shush!” The librarian said thrusting her finger to her lips.  Library day is what Duncan disliked the most about second grade.  He didn’t like reading and hated when the librarian shushed him even more.  There were never any good books and the entire field trip would be terrible if his best friend Abby weren’t with him.   The worst part is the librarian shushed him before he said one word.   

“Everyone grab a book and read silently,” said their teacher Miss Morrison.

Duncan walked with his head down to the section of books about animals and grabbed a book about dogs.

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