Wednesday, September 23, 2015


Genre: Humorous Picture Book
Word Count: 390


Dear Agent,

Baby Albert is an evil genius who knows how to make anything, except the one thing he really wants: a friend. He’s sure he can invent a device to make one of those, too. But none of his contraptions bring the desired results. A trip to the park for some scientific observation seems to be a waste; the kids there obviously know nothing about friend-making devices. But when he falls and skins his knee, Albert learns what friendship really means.

BABY ALBERT, EVIL GENIUS is a 400-word humorous picture book. This quirky friendship story will appeal to readers of Kelly DiPucchio’sZombie in Love and Tammi Sauer’s Mostly Monsterly.

I am the author of more than 200 children’s nonfiction books for the school and library market, published by Lerner, ABDO, Creative Education, and The Child’s World. I also make frequent author visits to schools and love the opportunity these visits give me to combine two of my favorite things: kids and books.

I have additional, submission-ready picture books available upon request. In addition, I write young adult fiction and am a member of SCBWI. Thank you for your time and consideration.

First 50 Words:

From the moment baby Albert was born, everyone knew he was destined to be an evil genius.

He had the perfect evil hair and the perfect evil smirk and the perfect evil laugh. He even had the perfect evil sidekick.

All day, and right on through naptime, Albert worked in his lair.


  1. Who can say no to evil babies? (I wouldn't recommend it, as they can get very cranky.) So you can send the query and manuscript to querymichelle

  2. I certainly can't say no to evil babies! Neither can I deny perfect evil smirks. Please send the query and manuscript to

  3. I would very much love to see this manuscript. Please send query + manuscript to

  4. I'd love to see this! Please send query and full manuscript to Submissions at SarahJaneFreymann dot com with #PBParty in the subject line. Thank you!

    All best wishes,
    Jessica Sinsheimer

  5. Really fun! Please send the query + ms to with #pbparty in subject line. Thanks!

  6. Congratulations! Ninja Editor Dragonfly has requested your picture book! Please email me at schriscoe at yahoo dot com for instructions.

  7. I really love this concept, and I think the voice in the sample is strong. I'd be thrilled to read more. Please send the query and manuscript to LBiagi (at) jvnla (dot) com with #PBParty in the subject line. Looking forward to reading! -Laura Biagi

  8. I'd be happy to take a look! Please send a query and the manuscript to chquery [at] mcintoshandotis [dot] com.