Monday, September 21, 2015

Picture Book Party Picks

I built in extra time between submission and agent round this year just in case it was needed, what with helping my Pitch Wars mentees and my own writing. But Sharon and I got done pretty quickly! You can attribute this to Sharon and her drive to read and find the best entries. She really led the charge!

Before the reveal, I just want to remind everyone that contests are for fun and meeting other writers, building contacts. In no way are they a reflection on a story. Maybe people have entered contests and gotten no love, only to get an agent from the query slush--like me. For one thing, we are limited to the number of picks we can showcase, while an agent is not. So keep querying, keep writing those adorable picture and chapter books.

I know the disappointment. Use it to keep going.

Now for the surprise! We've added two extra picks to the numbers. Instead of 15-20, we have 22 spots! 

So here are the picks, in no particular order, that will be in the agent round on Wednesday.

Baby Sloth's Big Adventure
Playing Hide and Seek with Bigfoot
Ball of Fire
The Guinea Pig Who Ran For President
Ladies First
Diamonds Are For Boys, Too
Disco Barn
Babanne's Basket
Diamond Man
Home with Leila
I Am NOT A Butterfly
Kinzie's Kinventions - Spaced Out
Too Tired To Tell A Story
Beach Blast With Rock Star Santa
George Washington Wants Ice Cream
Willa's Flying Stars
Cupcake Wars
Hola Means Hello
Baby Albert, Evil Genius

Congrats to the winners! Hugs to those who will be watching! See you Wednesday for the agent round.


  1. I recently joined Twitter but can't seem to get the hang of it. This is the first time I've participated in something like this (PBParty) and I am wondering what will happen on Wednesday. Thanks!!

    1. Tomorrow at 8 the picks go up on my blog. The agents will leave requests there.