Sunday, June 8, 2014


Here we go! The agent round!

Agents, entrants are spread out over all three blogs. You can also find them at SC’s blog and Mike’s blog. Blog assignment does not necessarily indicate who picked them.

Agents will request by saying, “I want to see more of this!” and leaving their submission instructions. (Kombatants: Don’t forget to put QUERY KOMBAT Request in your subject line when sending material!)

As you remember, agent requests will stay hidden until an entry is knocked out of the tournament. What you didn’t know is that the number of pages you’ll send depends on how far you go in Query Kombat! 


For instance, getting knocked out in the third round means an entry will send 50 pages to any agent who requested their work. The grand champion winner from the final round will see their requests bumped up to a full. Host Saves will be allowed to see their requests immediately as they are not continuing to the 2nd round.

Follow this guide:

Host Saves + Round 2 knockout = 30 page request
Round 3 knockout = 50 page request
Round 4 knockout = 100 page request
Round 5 knockout = 150 page request
Round 6 knockout = 200 page request
GRAND CHAMPION = Full request

You know it’s coming. It wouldn’t be normal unless Mike, SC, and I have another super top secret surprise all planned. After all, where’s the fun in having straight rules with no twists. We’re all about the fun!


Query Kombat is a tough tournament. Some really great entries that deserve full requests might get knocked out early. Therefore, each agent gets 2 wild cards! (In the case of a wild card, said wild card is displayed immediately. Giving Kombatants a reason to watch the blogs!)
If an agent sees an entry where maybe getting the minimum of 30 pages isn’t enough, they can play a wild card and name their amount of pages! If they fall in love and absolutely want a full, the wild card will let them do that.
However, only one wild card can stand per entry. That means if two agents wild card the same entry there will be a #MartialArtsBattle. Agents must leave a fun martial arts move with their wild card request. “I want to see more. WILD CARD! Give me 100 pages or I’ll use a pancake karate chop with a sidespin of syrup!”
The hosts will pick which martial arts move they believe is the best (or silliest) and declare a winner of the #MartialArtsBattle. (Isn’t it lucky we have an uneven number of hosts!)
Then the Kombatant may send their material as soon as they are ready to the winning WILD CARD agent! The losing agent's request must wait until the Kombatant leaves the tournament, along with any other hidden requests for that entry.
So that’s it! The rules for the agent round. Only agents can comment on entries. Kombatants can mix and mingle on twitter but can’t comment. But we do want to know how Round 1 went! Please, feel free to comment on this post with your experiences (and any questions you have about the agent round). 

NINJA AGENTS are very welcome! Request away! The same rules apply, except ninja agents cannot use WILD CARDS.
Best of luck and May the Requests Be With You! BATTLE ON!


  1. Okay, fine, torture and secrecy and unpleasant surprises that cause the judges to laugh evilly, but I still don't know who's actually judging this round. Am I just being obtuse? How (and when) will we know which entry was knocked out and which advances?

    1. This is the agent round. No judging and no knockouts this week. Only requests! Round 2 starts June 15th and then we will be back to battling!