Friday, June 13, 2014

Query Kombat 2014 Second Round Match-Ups

Here we go again! The second round match-ups!

Once again, they are in no particular order and without reference to where you'll find them Sunday, June 15th. Match-ups will be spread on Mike and Michelle's blog for round 2. Judges will have until 8:00 pm on June 17th to cast their votes.

Best of luck to everyone. May the feedback provide insight and the friends you make lift you through the kicks to the gut. Battle on!

Making Baby With Socks On versus Reality Star
She Wears Bruises Like Trophies versus Lavender Marriage
Beauty and the Crazy Kidnappers versus Burning Down the House
Remember Me versus Maidens, Monks, & Murder
Can’t Keep a Bad Girl Down versus Sunnyside Up
The Past is Back versus Love is Hell
WEEL versus A Few Quick Hellos
Cozy for Geeks versus Attempting Average
Making Boys Cry versus Have Sword Will Travel
RV Arya versus Girl Destroys World
Guerilla Geek versus Star Light, Star Bright
World on a String versus Skateboarding Sherlock
Tag, You’re Dead versus Amnesiac
A Burning Dilemma versus Trailer Trap
Caprice No. 13 versus Shalom Sasquatch
Mini Mutants versus BingBamBoomBFF

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