Friday, June 20, 2014

Want diversity? Support Hadley Rille Books

I see so much everywhere lately about diversity in books and reading what you love (YA being the subject being talked down). But do people support what they preach?  Here's a chance to help ensure diversity in books.

The quality small press Hadley Rille Books needs your support. This small press specializes in featuring new voices from women and other historically marginalized points of view in fantasy, science fiction and historical fiction.

Not only can you earn great prizes such as books, manuscript edits, and t-shirts, you'll be helping out a publisher that supports our diverse writing community. 

"We believe that the literary world needs more diverse voices, so we make a special effort to publish more women authors and to offer stories that feature women in prominent roles. Our stories portray both women and men as active, complex, interesting characters. Our novels, novellas, and short stories feature women of all ages and from all walks of life who play key roles in the histories of their people. In addition, Hadley Rille has made a professional commitment to help encourage and promote women’s involvement in the SFF community through projects like the Heroines of Fantasy blog and author appearances on panels and at conventions that engage with women’s changing roles as both authors and characters.
Our authors and their work have earned many prestigious honors and awards, including Nebula and Hugo nominations. Many of our titles have garnered praise and positive reviews in industry review publications such as Publisher’s Weekly, Booklist, Locus and Library Journal. Our books have made their way into libraries across the globe. Some of our novels are already in translation for distribution in languages other than English; by the end of the decade, Hadley Rille books intends to branch more fully into the international market and reach the hands, minds and hearts of even more readers."

Check out their fund raiser here and do your part to ensuring the continued existence of a quality small press. 

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  1. what a wonderful idea! I've bookmarked their page so I can go back and support them: :)