Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Query Kombat 2014 Round 3 Wrap Up

Round 3 of Query Kombat is officially over, and we've got our Elite 8! Kontestants may revise their entries one last time to gear up for the next round. Have those revisions back tonight!  This round promises to be positively painful.

I hope the judges are ready for heartbreak. 

Below is the list of those who will go on to the next round. 

Beauty and the Crazy Kidnapper
Lavender Marriage
A Cozy for Geeks
Making Boys Cry
Girl Destroys World
Tag, You're Dead
Shalom Sasquatch

Red: Team Michelle
Blue Team SC
Orange: Team Mike 

CONGRATS to all who made it. To those who didn't, you fought valiantly. You should be proud of yourselves. Agent requests are posted on your Agent round entry. (Remember to send 50 pages and put Query Kombat in your subject line.)

Round 3 will be hosted on Mike's blog. It starts on June 25th and will run through June 26th. That's only two days people! FEEL FREE TO CHEERLEAD YOUR HEARTS OUT IN THIS ROUND AS LONG AS YOU DO SO RESPECTFULLY!

Best of luck combatants.

Round 4 match ups are listed below


Tag, You're Dead VS BingBamBoomBFF

Shalom Sasquatch VS Beauty and the Crazy Kidnapper

A Cozy For Geeks VS Lavender Marriage

Making Boys Cry VS Girl Destroys World

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