Monday, August 18, 2014

Pitchwars Submissions

This is the officially scheduled day for the Pitchwars submission. Brenda Drake went ahead and opened them early to give the mentors more time. See all the info at her blog here

Basically, Pitchwars is a writer contest, where writers submit to four possible mentors. Mentors being writers with book deals and/or agents. These mentors then choose one entry to spend the next two months helping their owner to polish. In November comes the agent round.

I'm a mentor for MG, that being Middle Grade stories! You can find out what I'm looking for in this post. Do make sure you pick mentors that are looking for your age category and don't waste picks sending to someone who has to reject your submission.

Whether you are chosen or not, contests are a great way to learn about writing, meet other writers, and generally have fun. 

Give Pitchwars a try and join the hilarity on twitter under #Pitchwars.  Did you enter?

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