Sunday, April 12, 2015

Team True Grit #4: REECE, YA Contemporary

Genre: YA/Contemporary
Title: REECE
Word Count: 51,000

Movie Genre: Comedy - Reece says, "My real life has had enough suspense, horror and drama. What I need is a good laugh. And maybe some romance, but as a fifteen-year-old, don't tell the guys I watch some RomCom now and then, ok?"


Biracial foster teen Reece's new home is Wickersley Academy. But, when a classmate is hospitalized because of a hate crime, Reece'll have to convince the whole school of what he witnessed before the perpetrator walks.

First 250:

The slow-moving crowd on the courtyard had me trapped. The sluggish pace could be explained by the lack of space or the August heat, but my money rested on boredom. There sure wasn’t anything here getting me excited about the coming year.
“What about this one, Reece?” Holly asked.  

My fists clenched as I pushed through the crowd to my social worker’s side. She held yet another brochure highlighting one of Wickersley Academy’s student groups.

I raised an eyebrow. “The debate team? I don’t think so.”

A smile spread across Holly’s face. “But you love to argue.”

“Yeah, well, you won’t have to argue with me for a while now that you are sticking me in this place.” The comment was unfair, but maybe being here wasn’t a good idea. Foster kids didn't go to boarding school.

Holly’s spine stiffened. “I’m not sticking you anywhere. You earned your spot here, remember?”

My shoulder brushed the rough bark of a nearby tree. Plucking a leaf from a low branch, I began the process of tearing the smooth, green part away from the tiny veins that ran through it.

Holly’s hand flitted to my arm. “I thought you were excited about being here.”

“I was, but come on, Holly. Get real! Look at those kids.” I pulled away, pointing to a group of students gathered around a fountain. “Look at their clothes. They look like they should be stepping out of some overly-priced store at the mall. I’m not gonna fit in here.”


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