Sunday, April 12, 2015



The Critics will soon be busy making their selections from the Red-Carpet Premier entries! 

Remember again that contests are subjective. What tickles one person’s fancy, may do nothing for another. There were tons of excellent entries. Even with five people making selections, that's nothing compared to the number of literary agents out there. No matter what, keep querying!

I hope that the nature of this contest has been a benefit to everyone. There's not too many contests that provide feedback to everyone who enters. The whole Tinseltown crew tried their best to share their experience and give solid advice.

Before Team True Grit out guns the rest, here are some guidelines!

There is no commenting in this round, except for Critics. Sorry, but no cheerleading as this may lead to an unconscious bias. All the comments are on modify anyway. No requests will be revealed until the end of the Red-Carpet Premier on Wednesday, April 15th.

But we are happy to see and retweet your thoughts and cheers over on twitter under the #Pitchslam tag! That’s the place to hang out and have fun! I'll be announcing when Critics have stopped by this blog and giving hints about requests.

I’d better be seeing my Team True Grit members there. Get out your six shooters! This Cowboy team is going to stick together and celebrate with each other! This team is full of true grit. Each and every entry is tough as nails!

Critics will consider entries at all the Directors' blogs. If more than one agent has the highest level of request on an entry, there will be a showdown on twitter after the Red Carpet ends. The first Critic to answer the Movie Trivia question wins the entry and gets first shot at the pages. (Sorry I'm not sure what time this will happen.)

Here's what the agents will be requesting: 
Stunning Debut - Query and first 10 pages
Instant Classic - Query and first 25 pages
Dark Horse Hit - Query and first 50 pages
Box Office Smash - Query and first 100 pages
Blockbuster - Query and full

If you haven't found your entry here, try the other director's blogs: 


That's right! We have a sixth team to add even more entries into the mix. This group is for entries that Directors couldn't give up. The entries that no amount of trade offers could pry fingers off. In addition, each Director picked a special entry to make up this team! Yay for surprises!

Good luck to everyone! Thanks for making Pitchslam such a fun experience!

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