Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Update on A Little Help From Our Friends

Just like a believable main character, I'm very good at procrastinating on any tasks that are difficult. But I did want to give a short update on the behind the scenes here with my attempt to keep the blog and contests running. As you might have seen, I have to decide whether to keep doing this blog and the contests, or lend a hand and help support my family more by finding a better paying, but also more time consuming, job.

For the next six weeks until school ends, I'm trying a compromise that will allow me to do both, without charging people to enter any contests I host. I've entered the unknown land of crowd funding. 

I want to thank everyone who has donated so far and/or has supported me as I dive into this personal subject. You might notice that I raised the total goal a bit. That was to cover the house payment (And yes Indiana has a wonderfully lower mortgages than the west or east coasts!) and my internet cost all three months of my layoff. More on that and where to donate here.

That goal is over halfway met! 

My hubs was very impressed with such an outpouring of support from the writer community. He hasn't mentioned job hunting since I embarked into this unknown territory, but we both know it still hangs over us. I'd like to imagine that my manuscript out on sub will sell and make all this unnecessary, but until that happens, I'm asking for a little help from anyone who finds this blog useful.

So if this experiment in crowd funding fails... well, I try not to think about that.

Enough doom and gloom. I'm happy to report that two writers got agents from Sun versus Snow and another two got offers from Picture Book Party! Four writers now with agents! That's the best news indeed and it happened extremely fast!

I've also had many kind notes and comments through this difficult period. It's been so gratifying to find that so many people find my blog and contests essential to their own writing journey. I just want to hug you all.

I look forward to hosting Query Kombat; my only anxiety being whether we get sixty agent requests or seventy plus!

Watch for a free pass opportunity to bypass the slush and go straight into Query Kombat coming your way on May 1st! And if you are considering entering, please consider donating. 

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  1. I will donate Friday! I really enjoy your blog, especially your query questions and contests. Thanks for all you do!