Sunday, April 12, 2015

Team True Grit #7: THE EXORCIST'S ASSISTANT, Adult Paranormal Thriller

Genre: Adult Paranormal Thriller
Word Count: 86,000

Genre: Scarlet loves historical films, especially ones about World War II. She never knew why until recently—she just discovered she lived in Nazi Germany in her previous life.

Pitch: In a previous life, Scarlet bargained with a demon to protect her son. Desperate to reclaim her soul, she locates an exorcist with his own sordid past. To succeed, she must help him find redemption.

First 250 words:

Scarlet would have killed for a glass of merlot.

Although the day stretched long behind her, she was still in her office reviewing a status report at seven on a Friday evening. “What’s this idiot project manager doing?” She rubbed her eyes. What was the guy’s name? She didn’t know. She didn’t care.

She was composing a scathing email detailing his point-by-point failings when a breeze rushed over her face carrying the stench of burnt human flesh.

“Aw, hell, no,” she blurted and then gagged.

It was back.

For one stomach-clenching, head-twisting, freezing-sweat moment, Scarlet was no longer an almost-fifty vice president of technology in a large bank. Instead, she was eight years old again, shivering under the bedcovers. Despite the glare of the overhead lights and the twilight glow coming through her window, midnight darkness blasted her skin with a chilly breeze.

The thing had been harassing her for days, coming and going as it pleased—assuming, of course, that she wasn’t suffering from some kind of psychosis. “Go away,” she said.

The words had no effect.

Pissed off—but whether at herself or the presence, she wasn’t sure—she threw her pen across the office. It bounced against the closed door and landed in her trash can.

Well, that did a lot of good.

Scarlet stood and peered out the small frosted window along the door frame to see what she expected: nothing.

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