Sunday, April 12, 2015

Team True Grit #8: PEACE, LOVE, AND ROCK & ROLL, Adult Cont Romance

Genre: Adult Contemporary Romance
Title: PeaceLove, and Rock & Roll
Word Count: 65,000

Genre: When they're watching movies together, my MCs are the type to go on Netflix try to watch all the "important" movies before Oscar night.  But they'll often bail on that and watch a superhero flick instead.

Pitch:  As teens, they're too young.  In their twenties, she's engaged and he's on tour.  At 40, Soviet-born rocker Nikolai tells Rolling Stone that Miranda's still his muse. Can she give first love a third try? 

First 250 words:

I’m lost.  I’m freezing, and I’m lost.

Miranda stared up at a street sign that she could no longer read.  This had seemed like such a good idea a half hour ago – slipping the handlers and striking out on her own during this afternoon free period while the other kids were writing postcards home or listening to their Walkmans in their hotel rooms.  She had a few months’ worth of Russian under her belt and a basic knowledge of the geography.  She was a mature seventeen year old – practically a senior.  How hard could it be to navigate the streets of Leningrad?

Pretty hard, actually.  Her Russian was good enough to ace her language class back home and get her a spot on this cultural exchange trip, out here in the real world it sucked.  Sure, she could read Cyrillic – sound out street signs and billboards.  But that didn’t get her far when she didn’t know where she was, and all too soon panic set in.  Letters started swimming together and reading comprehension flatlined.  H sounds like N, she kept telling herself.  C is an S, P is an R.  T is still a T, right?

Miranda turned another corner and found a ghost town.  Fire escapes corseted upper floors of high-rise apartment buildings.  Blacked-out, boarded-up windows showed no signs of life.  She felt like the only person for miles.  There may as well have been a neon sign over her head, an arrow pointing down: AMERICAN.  PLEASE MUG ME.

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