Monday, May 18, 2015

Query Kombat Dates and Twitter Party

It's time to hang out and have fun!

There will be topics and things to talk about starting May 21, and during the wait time until the chosen entries are released on May 31st. We’ll start with naming your category/genre to help those who may not be so sure to finalize their answers.

Just tweet your answers under the hashtag #QueryKombat and have some fun meeting and talking with other Kombatants, judges, and your hosts. 

May 21st   Before the big days arrives tweet your category and genre. Ask questions about genre if you’re unsure where your manuscript fits.

May 22 After 5:30 pm tweet when you’ve submitted your entry to our QK email. Nerves and jitters can be calmed by sharing with others. All day long tweet out what your entry Nickname is and why you chose it.

May 23rd  Submission is over and you made it. Judges get fun secret names. Entrants get to create nicknames. Your poor hosts are left out. Create nicknames for SC, Michael and Michelle!  (Keep it clean. We blush easily.) And tweet your favorite comp title.

May 24th   Tweet your main character’s name and a special tidbit about them. See what sorts of names are popular and if anyone else shares MC’s names with you.

May 25th    Tweet what you find the hardest about writing. Is it keeping out telling? Writing action scenes? What’s hard for you?

May 26th   Tweet your favorite book title. See if you can pick just one. If not, tweet them all!

May 27th    Tweet something about how you write. Do you use music or prefer silence? Morning or late at night? We celebrate our differences.

May 28th    Tweet us your villain’s name and something evil about them.

May 29th     If you’re looking for some beta readers or CP, now is the time to tweet about it.

May 30th     Tweet the title of a soothing song that is helping you get through the day before the picks are revealed. Hold hands and sing Kumbaya lyrics like the band of friends you’ve become. (We’ll be running around like crazy gerbils getting everything ready.)

The hosts will post reminders for you in the #QueryKombat feed. It’s all about “Getting to know you, Getting to know all about you” and having fun!

Also here is a schedule of dates for Query Kombat so that you don't miss a moment:

QK Submissions                                 May 22nd at 5:30 EST
Kombatants Announced                     May 31th All three blogs.
QK Round 1                                        June 1 – 4th All three blogs.
QK Agent Round                                June 8th – 11th All three blogs.
QK Round 2                                        June 15 – 17th Mike and SC’s blog
QK Round 3                                        June 21 – 23rd Michelle’s blog.
QK Round 4                                        June 25 – 26th SC’s blog.
QK Round 5 (final 4)                         June 28 – 29th Mike’s blog.

QK Round 6 (championship)             July 1 – 2nd Michelle’s blog.

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