Wednesday, June 8, 2016

QK 2016 Agent Round 6: ESCAPE THE FATE, YA Contemporary Fantasy

Title: Prophecy Punk
Entry Nickname: Escape the Fate
Word Count: 65,000
Genre: YA Contemporary Fantasy


Cassandra of Troy received the gift of divine prophecy from the Greek God Apollo. He also cursed her--no one would ever believe them (Trojan horse, anyone? Cassandra totally saw that coming).

In this contemporary retelling of the Greek myth, instead of suffering from madness and torturous hysteria, Cassandra is devoted to her family, a high school student (who needs a serious attitude adjustment), and runs a popular website where she puts her power to good use by recording benign prophecies as they come to pass.

While is a much-needed money-maker, Cass’ prophecies aren’t all viral video worthy. Buried beneath the funny accidents, incredible feats, and curious glimpses of her girlfriend-to-be, the gorgeous new transfer student, Elyse, she also foresees a deadly rivalry brewing. A foreboding vortex of violence has begun to swirl around her beautiful, and beloved sister, Helen.

With the sinister threat of a school shooting looming, Cass must turn to her morally bankrupt ex-boyfriend, Apollo, for help. She swore to never speak to him again after their prophecy-fueled blackmail business resulted in a suicide, but she’d do anything (including lie, cheat, steal, commit felonies…) for Helen. But not even the intervention of the Gods will be enough to help Cassandra, Helen, and Troy High School escape their fate.

First 250 words:

Cass had warned Kiernan this would happen. Up ahead there was a dangerous patch of early morning ice.

“Are you going to stand there all day?” Diana asked. Foggy plumes of breath formed in front of her face with each impatient huff.

Cass lounged against the Java Joint's brick wall. She winked at Diana, lips curling into a mischievous smile that only she could wear and make a person want in on whatever was about to go down. 

“Shut up before you mess up my video.” She pressed the camera icon on her phone and held it up toward the spot she had seen in her prophecy.

“Ooh!” Diana rushed to her side, peeking over Cass’ shoulder to watch the screen. “What are we recording?”

It had always been we, not you.

“In about ten seconds, Kiernan is going to come running out of the building, slip and almost fall for about seven seconds of pure hilarity in a stunning show of balance and luck. It’s going to be great. I’m thinking about calling it Lights, Camera, Traction.”

Diana’s eyes glazed over with an opaque sheen. Her face slackened while the memory of Cass’ prophecy erased itself from her mind. When she blinked, her eyes returned to their normal dark brown.

“Did you just say something?” she asked.


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