Tuesday, June 21, 2016

SFF Chat, Giveaway and New Hangout!

Back in December, a bunch of Harper Voyager US/UK authors got together on the #SFFchat hashtag to talk about writing, publishing, and the sci-fi/fantasy genre with aspiring SF/F authors. We had a fantastic discussion (read the highlights), so we're going to do it again. 

On Wednesday, June 22nd at 3pm Eastern and 9pm Eastern, 18 Voyager authors will be answering questions on Twitter under the #SFFchat hashtag. Each chat will last an hour. We're also doing a massive giveaway of Voyager e-books and print books, which you can enter using the widget below. All are welcome! Please join us if you want to talk about SF/F and maybe win some free books. A list of the books:

The Brass Giant- Brooke Johnson                             
The Oldest Trick- Auston Habershaw                       
Elixir: A Changeling P.I. Novel- Ruth Vincent          
Desert Rising- Kelley Grant                                         
Breath of Earth- Beth Cato                                                       
The Rogue Retrieval- Dan Koboldt                                          
Grudging: Birth of Saints- Michelle Hauck               
Mercury Retrograde- Laura Bicklel                           
Across the Long Sea- Sara Remy                                                                            
Los Nefilim (print)- Teresa Frohock                          
Dissension- Stacey Berg                                              
Three Days in April- Edward Ashton                                        
Unexpected Rain- Jason LaPier                                 
Hero Born- Andy Livingstone
Shadow of the void- Nathan Garrison                
Darkhaven- Afe Smith                                                  
The Drowning God- James Kendley
The Day Before- Liana Brooks

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If you're an author seeking representation or publication, we hope you'll also join the #SFFpit Twitter pitching event on Thursday, June 23rd.

BONUS: And the Voyager authors have started a Facebook group just for SFF fans called SFF Junkies. It's a new place to hang out and talk SFF books or even writing. You can find it in the rafflecopter or use this link.  

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