Monday, January 6, 2014

Snow Free Pass Winner

This is an appropriate day to announce the Free Pass winner into my snow picks. Since Saturday night we've gotten about 13 inches of snow, were under a winter storm warning and then a blizzard warning. Now every school system in the area is closed for the day--including my work so I have a snow day--and we have a wind chill of -26F with an actual temperature of -8F.

I want to express my intense gratitude to everyone who entered. This Free Pass garnered 1766 entries! As the much missed and still loved Harry Carey of the Chicago Cubs would say--HOLY COW! 

Thanks to everyone who tweeted and blogged about the contest and helped spread the word. An incredible thanks to anyone who bought a copy of Kindar's Cure. It's hard for an author, especially a debut author, to ask for help, but you all came through in spectacular fashion. And special appreciation to those of you who went out of their way and wrote a review for Kindar. 

Now the winner into my snow picks, who will also get an early view of the special question about Sun versus Snow. (You'll be sworn to secrecy on this, by the way. So be ready for that.) The rafflecopter has chosen:


Melissa Menten

Congrats, Melissa! You are the next contestant on the Sun versus Snow. You will be seen by mentors! You will be seen by agents! Best of luck!

And time for our second winner. The runner up who will receive a query and first 250 critique!

Charyse Allan

Congrats to you Charyse! I look forward to reading your query and giving you my best help!

I will contact the winners shortly, unless they beat me to it. Thanks again to all who enter. I can't wait to see your entries on January 18th. And the special format instructions for Sun versus Snow will be posted on January 13th. 


  1. Thank you thank you!! So excited for this contest! I'm honored to be the runner up :)

  2. Thanks Michelle! What a great way to start the New Year!

  3. Congrats to the both of you!! :D