Thursday, January 9, 2014

Unveiling Team Snow!

The coolest of the cool, kings and queens of snow. You can find the bios of all the mentors over at Amy Trueblood's blog, but here are the frosty mentors who will be giving their sage advice to the fifteen Snow picks.

The biggest, the bestest, and the flakiest! Please give your very best welcome to TEAM SNOW:

Natalie Blitt
Kat Ellis
Lisa Sills
Olivia Hinebaugh
Melissa Grey
Tom Torre
Ami Allen-Vath
Vickie Weavil
Matt Sinclair
Leslie Stella
SG Marsh
Kate Brauning

Look out Sun, this Team Snow is going to freeze your cookies! We're gonna stand tall like a snowman and crush the slush out of Team Sun.

(Don't forget to head over to Amy's blog, you can find out who wins her Sun Free Pass! Sun's gonna need all the help they can get.) 

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