Friday, January 23, 2015

Snow Free Pass Winner 2015

I thank you for all the shared memories. All the stories of ski lifts, and igloos, and cakes made out of snow. I enjoyed the quiet silence of falling snow and the peace it brought to relatives going through cancer. It's great to read so much reminiscing about family and new-found romance. 

These were all great and so very entertaining. It was hard to pick a winner! Many of the stories made me laugh, a few made me sigh. Some brought back my own memories.

Some honorable mentions among all the stand out stories:

Emmy Paxman
Laura Rueckert
Kara BArbieri
Christopher Lee
Ashley B

And the winner of the snow free pass is:

Mike Hays

Mike, please format your entry as outlined in the contest format post and send during the submission window on Monday, January 26th. But in the subject line include: SNOW FREE PASS.

Thanks to everyone who entered. This was a lot of fun and writers are the best people. I wish I could pick all the entries.


  1. Ahhh!!! I made honorable mention! I am thrilled! Congrats to Mike!

  2. Haha. Thanks, Michelle! And congratulations, Mike! Great snowman story (ouch). ;)

  3. Wow! Thank you, Michelle, for the incredible honor. Thanks to everyone who posted their entertaining stories of snow, ice, cold, misery, and joy. My mother will be happy to see my misguided youth finally paid a dividend.
    Good luck to all Sun vs Snow 2015 participants!

  4. Thank you for including the honorable mention section. It was nice to know that my memory elicited a positive response! Thank you for all the hard work you do!

  5. Congratulations. It was a lot of fun reading these.