Monday, January 26, 2015

Sun versus Snow Submission Window 2015


Welcome to the party! 

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Themes for the twitter fest will be at the end of the post. The submission for Sun versus Snow is today, January 26th, at 4 pm Eastern time. Act fast. We will only be taking the first 200 entries. In Nightmare on Query Street, the entry window closed in just a few hours. Please do not enter early or your entry will be deleted. You can resend at the proper time if this happens accidentally. 

Confirmation emails will be sent. If you don't receive one, don't resend. We don't want duplicate entries. Please check with us on twitter first to confirm your entry did or did not arrive, then you may resend. 

There is only ONE, yes that's right, ONE entry per person allowed. Any attempt to cheat will result in entries being thrown out. 

This contest is only for finished and polished stories. 

Amy and I have decided not to accept picture books for this contests. Though we love picture books, contests just don't seem to be the best place to get them requests. We do accept all MG, YA, NA and Adult genres, excluding erotica. 

To enter you must be followers of our blogs. Click the 'join this site' button on my blog. You can find Amy's blog here. 

The Format:

Send submission to Sunversussnow (at) yahoo (dot) com. Only one submission per person is allowed. It doesn't matter if you write under different names or are submitting different manuscripts. You are still one person and get one entry. 

Here's how it should be formatted (yes, include the bolded!) Please use Times New Roman (or equivalent), 12 pt font, and put spaces between paragraphs. No indents or tabs are needed. No worries if your gmail doesn't have Times New Roman. No worries if the email messes up your format. Yes, we will still read it! :-) 

(Here's a trick to keep your paragraph spacing: copy and paste your entry into your email and then put in the line spaces. They seem to get lost when you copy and paste. It may look right but sending scrambles the spacing.)

Subject Line: SVS: TITLE, Age Category + Genre 
(example: SVS: PYGMY HAZARDS, MG Fantasy)

In The Email:

Title: MY FANTASTIC BOOK (yes, caps!)
Genre: YA dystopian (Age category and genre. YA/MG is not a genre.)
Word Count: XX,XXX (round to the nearest thousand)

My Main Character would prefer to live in: 

Would your main character prefer to live in heat or cold. And why? Tell us which weather would make your MC the most comfortable or happy. 

Example: As a hamster, Tom doesn't dig all this white stuff falling from the sky. It's some kind of freaky trick pulled by the crazy pygmies at the asylum they call school. He only knows it makes him curl up and snooze. Where's the fun in that? (Can be in your MC's POV, but doesn't have to be. 100 words or less.)


Query goes here! Include greeting and main paragraphs. Please leave out bio, closing, and word count + genre sentence. You may include comps if you'd like. There is no word count limit on the query but please aim for 250 - 300 words.

First 250 words:

Here are the first 250 words of my manuscript, and I will not end in the middle of a sentence. But I will not go over 257 words. Be reasonable and don't make us count. Don't forget to space between paragraphs!

Now for the twitter party!

Today we'd like you to shout out your genre and age category at the hashtag #sunvssnow That should help everyone get an idea of the breakdown. Oh, and tell us when you entered!

Tuesday, January 27 Give us your best editing tip! Share some wisdom!

Wednesday, January 28 Your MC is pushed in the pool or hit with a snowball, what do they do? Do they forgive and forget or fight back?

Thursday, January 29 Your MC is trapped on desert island/snowed in a cabin. What one item do they have to have?

Friday, January 30 Your bad guy/girl is suddenly wearing a pink tutu. What happens next?

Saturday, January 31 A dream is a wish your heart makes. Where is your dream vacation writing spot. Where would you like to sit and pour out words?

Sunday, February 1st It's all about friends. Look for fresh critique partners or give praise to the ones you have! This is your day to send out thank yous and find new readers.

Monday, February 2nd Hold onto your hats. We announce the picks today! Post a twitter picture of you wearing a hat or tell us what sort of hat you'd wear.

Remember it's about making connections and having fun.


  1. The first 200 entries?

    I've been thinking it was just the first 150- Callooh!! Callay!! Crossing fingers, awfully excited :)

    Thanks again for hosting this. It pushed me to revisit my query hard-core over the weekend. Much needed impetus. Y'all are awesome!

  2. I follow you via Wordpress. I hope this is okay fort he contest.

  3. will need to reword the time warning... hehe.... the few hours will now read *just hold your finger over send and pray... :P lots of fun, thanks for the opportunity... happy wordage everyone

    1. I guess so. We really didn't expect this kind of response. It's crazy.

  4. What a great response! Thank you for hosting this - it's fun even if I didn't get through in the first six minutes. It was early morning here so it was good to start the day with a dash of adrenaline. I'm following your blog via wordpress. :)

  5. Thanks so much. Despite diligent preparation etc. I missed the boat on the entry. I talk about Sun Vs Snow in my blog post today and why/how I missed the entry. I link back to your blog. Thanks so much for the opportunity. Preparing did help me polish my query!