Monday, January 19, 2015

Writer Diary Giveaways

I'm a member of the group of writers behind The Writer Diaries blog and wanted everyone to know about some super giveaways going on there. 

First off, we are celebrating our two year anniversary. The grand prize for this huge giveaway is a Kindle Fire. There are also smaller prizes in the form of books (Kindar's Cure) and critiques (a query critique from me). Don't miss this opportunity. Go here to enter. 

Also on the Writer Diaries, I'm doing my own giveaway. In honor of Martin Luther King day I did a post about tolerance and kindness in the face of online haters. There seems to be a lot of attacking and bashing in the writer community. I'm hoping to prove that kindness rules and most people don't care for this type of behavior. You can win a copy of Stacey Jay's THE PRINCESS OF THORNS.

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