Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #10: THE SEA, Rhyming Author/illustrator

Title: THE SEA
Genre: Rhyming Picture Book
Word Count: 300


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

Lava pours into the surf on the coast of Hawai’i, while the northern lights reflect off sea ice in the Arctic. A little girl with an imagination as big as the ocean thinks of these possibilities and more in THE SEA, a 300-word rhyming picture book that celebrates the sense of wonder that the sea inspires. It is similar to Nina Laden’s ONCE UPON A MEMORY in its quiet and reflective nature, and to David Wiesner’s FLOTSAM in its depiction of imaginative ocean scenes.

I am an author/illustrator and a member of SCBWI, as well as Julie Hedlund's 12x12 picture book challenge. I illustrated the upcoming picture book, FULL MOON LORE, by Ellen Wahi (Sleeping Bear Press, Spring 2017). My art portfolio can be seen at

You will find the first 50 words of my manuscript pasted below. I have also attached a JPG of an example illustration to this email. Thank you very much for your time and consideration.

First 50 Words:

Watching waves swirl by my toes,
wondering what this water knows.
Curiosity set free,
by this sea that touches me.

What is on the other side?
What goes on below the tide?
What do other people see,
in this sea that touches me?

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