Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #22: UNDERWEAR STRIKE, Humorous

Title: Underwear Strike
Genre: Humorous 
Word Count: 395


Dear Wonderful Pb Contest Organizers,

Everybody has them but nobody likes to talk about them. That’s right it’s underwear.  In this sassy tale one days of the week pack of underwear are sick of being worn on the wrong days (Monday) and not getting to go fun places (Wednesday). When their owner refuses to listen they go on strike.  Will underwear as we know it be gone forever Or can both sides reach an agreement? Kids and little kids at heart will enjoy the humor in this tale while also learning the days of the week.

I am a picture book author with a debut book coming out next month and I also work as a Speech Pathologist. I enjoy bringing laughter to both young and old through my tales.

First 50 Words:

One day Jr. McSassfaras woke up to find his underwear drawer was empty.
The Underwear had gone on STRIKE.

All that was inside was a stack of notes.

Dear Jr.,

I’m sick of being worn on the wrong day of the week.  I’m Monday. Please only wear me on my day.


  1. Hi! I'd be interested to read more of Underwear Strike. Please sent the full manuscript to Thanks for participating in PBparty!

  2. I'd love to take a look! Please send the manuscript following the guidelines on and include PBParty in the subject line. Excited to read!--Roseanne Wells, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency