Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Genre: Humorous Fiction
Word Count: 500


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

I would like to submit my 500-word picture book, GRACIE GOES GLAMPING, for your consideration.

Gracie is not the biggest fan of the outdoors, but she is a fan of looking good to feel good. So when her parents announce a family camping trip, Gracie brings her fabulous flair to the scene, setting up a glamorous tent and opening an organic spa. Everything is going great until she attracts a swarm of mosquitoes with her perfume. It finally takes an unexpected trip into a muddy lake for Gracie to reconsider her feelings about what defines beauty.

An earlier version of GRACIE GOES GLAMPING won the editor-judged picture book manuscript contest at the SCBWI 2016 Regional Midwest Conference. In addition to serving as the Social Media Coordinator for the Illinois SCBWI Region, I am also a third-year participant in the 12x12 Picture Book Challenge and an Editorial Assistant for Literary Mama. My work has been published in 2017 Children's Writer's and Illustrator's MarketChicago Review of BooksChicago ParentPoemMemoirStoryHey Baby, and Jenny, among others.

I appreciate your time and consideration.

First 50 Words:

Gracie looked over her packing list.

Sequined sandals? Check.

Perfume? Check.

"Gracie, this is a camping trip," Mom said.

Fabulous tent? Check.

"We'll be outdoors," Dad added.

 Twinkle lights? Check.

"In nature," Mom stressed.

Floppy sun hat? Check.

"When you look good, you feel good!" Gracie said. She twirled in her shimmery skirt.


  1. So cute! You can send a query with the manuscript pasted into the body of the email to

  2. I'd love to see a query and the ms. in the body!

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  4. I'd love to see the manuscript! Please send the full as an attachment to, along with the pitch and bio in your email and PBParty in the subject line. Looking forward to reading! -Laura Biagi

  5. I'd love to take a look! Please send the manuscript following the guidelines on and include PBParty in the subject line. Excited to read!--Roseanne Wells, The Jennifer De Chiara Literary Agency

  6. Totally late, but I love this! Please query at http://QueryMe.Online/1067 and put #PBParty in the referred by section.

    1. Note this is from agent Natascha Morris from Bookends.