Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #6: MY LOST FRIEND, Immigration Issues

Title: My Lost Friend
Genre: Picture Book Immigration issues
Word Count: 570


Dear Michelle and Sharon:  

I am grateful that picture books, such as Lailah’s Lunch Box, focus on the separateness that can be felt because of cultural differences.  However, few books deal with the current immigration issues faced by children living in the U.S.  Thus I am sending My Lost Friend, my 571-word picture book manuscript. 

Worried by Hassan’s sudden absence from school, a boy hopes to locate his classmate. Determining to maintain their friendship, he enlists his mom’s help and becomes more aware of challenges faced by immigrants.   

A Rochester city school teacher for thirty years, I grew in my desire for disenfranchised people’s voices to be heard and honored.  I began writing picture books hoping to raise awareness about and understanding of children whose experiences may not be mainstream.  Therefore I  joined SCBWI, Rochester Area Children’s Writers and Illustrators (RACWI), Rochester’s own literary center, Writers and Books, and enrolled in on-line classes to help me with this transition.  I have other manuscripts available, several including children who use wheelchairs. 

Because of the timeliness of this text,  I may submit to other publishers. Thank you for your time and for providing this opportunity.  Below you will find the manuscript for My Lost Friend.
50 Words:


One day my friend, Hassan, was absent from school.
When I told Mom, she said, “He probably has a cold.” 
“No, the teacher asked me where he is.  That means no one called.” 
Hassan came from far away.  His stepped from a plane at Kennedy Airport.  He could read no English.


  1. I'd be interested in reading more. Please send the full manuscript pasted in the body of the email,along with your pitch and bio to Thanks!

  2. I'd love to see the manuscript! Please send the full as an attachment to, along with the pitch and bio in your email and PBParty in the subject line. Looking forward to reading! -Laura Biagi