Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #4: TULIP'S GARDEN, Character Driven

Genre: Character driven picture book
Word Count: 290


Dear Michelle and Sharon,

With a fabulous flower name (and a fabulous flower bedspread and a fabulous flower lunchbox), Tulip just knows she will be a fabulous gardener. But for some reason, even though Tulip gives her seeds buckets of water, extra special lights, and super snuggly blankets, the stubborn seeds refuse to grow. Tulip has had it! She puts her garden into time-out. Then just when Tulip is ready to cross gardener off her list of possible careers FOREVER, Tulip spies a little something that changes everything in TULIP’S GARDEN, a 290-word picture book. Kids who love the OLIVIA and BETTY BUNNY books will be thrilled to meet Tulip.

I was recently selected for a picture book writing mentorship with Laura Gehl through Writing With the Stars. I received a B.A. in journalism and women’s and gender studies from the University of Oregon. I am an active member of the SCBWI, 12 X 12, and ReFoReMo. My work has appeared in Midwifery Today.

Thank you for your time and consideration. I look forward to hearing from you.

First 50 Words:

Tulip LOVED flowers. She had a flower name, a flower bedspread, and a flower lunchbox.
Tulip couldn’t wait to plant her very own garden right next to Daddy’s garden.
Daddy sprinkled flower seeds in a neat little row.
“Less is more, Love Bug,” Daddy said.
“More is better,” Tulip said.


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