Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #2: SHE LOOKED UP, Biography

Genre: PB Biography 
Word Count: 690 (+400 back matter) 


Dear Agent,

In 1830, men dominated astronomy, but 12-year-old Maria Mitchell wasn’t content to stay behind. She wanted to explore her universe—all of it. Sick of looking down at her sewing, she dreamed, studied, questioned, and looked up. After years of traveling the sky with her telescope, she discovered a new comet and made history. 

SHE LOOKED UP is the 690-word biography of Maria Mitchell, the first American woman to be a professional astronomer. It focuses primarily on Maria's childhood. Maria's story has not been published as a picture book biography, though comps include Maria’s Comet by Deborah Hopkinson (1999), a fictionalized account. This story about a curious girl persevering in science will appeal to readers of Ada Twist, Scientist(Andrea Beaty); Summer Birds (Margarita Engle); and The Most Magnificent Thing (Ashley Spires).  

As a freelancer, I write academic passages for elementary students. My work has been bought by Highlights for Children. 

Thank you for considering my manuscript.

First 50 Words: 

A comet is a chunk of ice and dust
zooming through space.
From far away, a comet is a streak of light. 
From the roof of Maria’s house, a comet was a tiny smudge. 
So how did Maria discover a new comet, named just for her? 
She looked up
    and up
        and didn’t stop.


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