Wednesday, April 5, 2017

PBParty #9: DRAGONGARTEN, Humorous

Genre: Humorous
Word Count: 370

Dear Awesome Agents and Ninja Editor,
Thank you for participating in PBParty. I hope my 370 word humorous picture book, Dragongarten, will be a great match for you. 
Drake tries to make friends in his new Dragongarten class, but the dragons tease him for the unique way he dances and blows bubbles instead of fire. When an angry bully accidentally traps his class inside a ring of fire, they’ll be toast…unless Drake can use his special talent to save them. 

I’m proud to have several pieces published in Highlights magazine, my humorous middle grade novel Mom Wars won an honorable mention in the 2014 Rate Your Story contest, and two of my picture book manuscripts placed in the 80th Annual Writer’s Digest Competition. I'm the SCBWI FL Newsletter Editor and Critique Group Coordinator, an Administrator on the SCBWI Blueboard, and a founding member of From the Mixed-Up Files…of Middle-Grade Authors
I have pasted the first 50 words of Dragongarten below and hope Drake dances his way into your heart. I’d love to send you the full manuscript!   
First 50 Words: 

Drake danced into his new school. “I’m gonna make some friends today!” 

“Please welcome Drake to our Dragongarten class,” Miss DeSparka said.

Drake did the Two-Claw-Cha-Cha across the cave. 

“That weirdo is dancing, like people in fairy tales,” Bindy said.

Everybody laughed. 

Drake’s tail drooped. 

“There’s no such thing as people,” Miss DeSparka said.

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  1. Dragons are particularly close to my heart! Please send to with the query in the email + full MS attached and put #PBParty in the subject.