Wednesday, April 5, 2017


Title: Elizabeth Keckly, Sewing Her Way to Freedom
Genre: PB Biography
Word Count: 840 words


Dear Agent,

While other little girls played with dolls, Elizabeth worked along with her mama on the plantation. Born a slave in 1818, Elizabeth yearned for her freedom. Master finally said she could buy hers and her son George's for $1200. It took five years of sewing into the night to save up for their freedom, but she did it! Moving to Washington, D.C., Elizabeth made beautiful dresses for Mrs. Robert E. Lee and Mrs. Mary Todd Lincoln. Eventually, Elizabeth became Mary Todd Lincoln's confidante and good friend. The book includes a timeline and bibliography, as much research was needed to write this story.

I am the author of Primary Science Readers Theatre (Pieces of Learning); A Walk with Grandpa (Raven Tree Press);How a Lemonade Lid Changed My Summer (Solstice); Cathy Williams Buffalo Soldier, Christopher Newport Jamestown Explorer, and Lewis Tewanima Born to Run (Pelican Publishing).  I am an active member of SCBWI and a critique group.

There are picture book biographies of Frederick Douglass who Elizabeth befriended in Washington. With money from Douglass and the Lincolns, Elizabeth started the Freedmen and Soldiers Relief Association. This is a book of struggle and success, about diversity and caring. That's what Elizabeth Keckly was about.

Thank you for your consideration of Elizabeth Keckly, Sewing Her Way to Freedom.

50 words:

Elizabeth was born a slave in Virginia in 1818. While other little girls played with dolls, Lizzy worked all day. At night, Mama taught her how to read and write and sew. It was stitching that Lizzy loved best of all.      

It was sewing that saved her from the whippings. It was sewing that helped her owner, Master Garland, feed his family

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