Monday, October 21, 2013

Michelle's Minions Are:

I thought I'd give you something to chew over. The Minions I pick have to be ready for some of this:

Not to mention this:

And, well, I just can't resist this:

In no particular order my picks include:

MG something
YA thriller
MG something else
Adult Speculative
YA Paranormal
NA Contemporary
YA Steampunk
YA Horror
YA Multicultural
Something Science Fiction

*The somethings have been changed to protect the innocent. Or because the genre was too unique.

This was a great bunch of entries which made for a very difficult decision. Please remember that contests are very subjective. For instance, I tend to run from serious subjects so having humor in your first page was going to be a big influence on me. 

Is anyone having fun, because I'm having a great time. 

Oh, and I hope we have a ton of success stories to report from Nightmare on Query Street! Hang in there, it will be Friday before you know it.


  1. I'm having loads of fun. I hope there will be trash talk amongst the bloggers. (well more than there already is.)

  2. A. I love your emoticons.

    B. You twitter tease.... I love it!

    C. Next to the word subjective in the dictionary it says "see also query contests." For the Writer's Voice one year, I went through all the entries and marked which ones were yeses for me, and ones that I would have bought in the bookstore based on just the query didn't make it into the contest! So yeah, crazy subjective.

    (So much fun watching you guys with your smack talk).

  3. Ooooow I'm intrigued by that Something Sci-Fi! And those two MG Something. It's always great to see something so unique that it can't be put into a genre :)

  4. Look at that list. Captivating. I'm guessing one of those somethings is Retelling. It would be nice if we have a new genre here, Kim. Also, I see an inkling of hope for my genre. Friday seems so far! :)

    1. I'm not Xander but a retelling is taking a story from a fairytale or Shakespeare or well anywhere and giving it a twist, telling it in a new way but still maintaining the flavor of the original.

    2. Thanks a bunch for explaining that to me Kathleen. I had a small suspicion that that was what it mean, but I wanted to be absolutely sure. You confirmed it wonderfully.

  5. Sound like plenty of fun ahead. I don't see my genre, but I'm still excited to watch this unfold!

  6. So exciting. Can't wait to see this play out.

  7. What a wide variety and diverse set! It just goes to show that you guys know what your stuff. I'm so excited that one of my friends may be in one of your lists! Maybe even me! Either way, I'll be terribly excited to hear the news!

  8. Hmmm. I don't see "historical" on the list. BUMMER!

  9. Crossing fingers! Either way, this should be so much fun!