Friday, October 25, 2013

NOQS Minion 2: I FOUND YOU, YA Contemporary Thriller

Genre: YA Contemporary Thriller
Word Count: 57,000

My Main Characters Greatest Fear

If something is hanging over my feet, like the bed when I make it up, my toes scrunch. Why? Because I'm terrified of my feet being covered in dark, creepy places. It's true. Really.


Dear Amazing Agent,

Nikki Evers assumed the crimes were random coincidences. Fires on campus. Convenient store robberies. Gang killings. Great stories for the school paper. But when her best friend Brycin disappears, presumed dead, and she gets a text that reads:

Nikki, I’m alive. Talk to Clay. He knows what’s going on. Please find me before its too late...

Nikki’s not sure what to do. Clay French is off limits. Not because he rides a motorcycle or has an amazing tattoo. His girlfriend is her best friend. 

Nikki's been in love with him since the sixth grade when they played spin the bottle. His kiss stayed with her even now, but it was the words he whispered in her ear that still pulled on her heart. 

Teaming up with Clay is the only way Nikki can find Brycin. When Nikki’s almost killed and Clay saves her life, she uncovers a dark secret that threatens to destroy everyone, including herself.

Her secret crush on Clay keeps her at a distance with him, but Nikki is about to discover he's searching for more than her missing best friend. He's after her heart, too. 
I am a stay at home, homeschooling mother with six children. I have been writing since I was sixteen and been involved in the publishing industry for the past five years.

I am a literary agent intern for Redacted at Redacted and also for Redacted of Redacted. I have worked as an editorial intern for an indie publisher and been an editor for children’s books published on the Android phone. I’ve recently been accepted as an intern for Adventures in Children’s Publishing.

 First 250:

The motorcycle caught my attention first, but it was the rider who totally captivated me. Mama always warned me to stay away from those tattoo smeared, wicked handsome, leather wearing bad boys, especially if they rode a motorcycle. But I wanted her to be wrong about Clay. If she ever met him, she’d change her mind.
I hid behind a tree, but poked my head around the side for a better view. His voice floated over to me, smooth and sweet as milk chocolate and my pulse danced and fingers shook, but not because of the Harley.
Another motorcycle slid into the parking lot and woke me from my daydream. I shouldn’t have spied on Clay for so long. I pulled my phone from my pocket. Thirty minutes late? Brycin would be furious I missed the whole assignment. She was going to kill me. I hurried down the deserted path toward our meeting place.
Somewhere behind me, a twig snapped. I stopped and looked over my shoulder, but the path was empty.
“Who’s there?” I asked. No answer. “Is someone there?” I yelled a little louder. Heavy, fast breathing answered me. “Are you hurt?” I turned around for a better view.
A knife glinted from behind a row of bushes and dropped to the ground. Through the leaves, a shadow bent over and picked it up with a gloved hand. My chest tightened and every breath came faster. I took a couple of steps backward before I flipped around and took off in a full sprint.


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