Friday, October 25, 2013

NOQS Minion 3: FAIRY CAKES, MG Magical Realism

Genre: MG Magical Realism
Word Count: 45,000
What is your main character most afraid of?
There are two main characters in FAIRY CAKES, twins Charlie and Bobbie Hart. They’re most afraid of being confused for one another or being mistaken for boys. Ew cooties. (Just kidding guys;) 
Also pickle flavored cupcakes are the stuff of nightmares. 

Dear Super-Sweet-and-hopefully-not-so-Scary-Agent,

I kindly submit, FAIRY CAKES, a 45,000-word MG magical realism with series potential and possible cupcake recipe accompanying each chapter. 

When eleven-year-old twins Bobbie and Charlie’s parents announce they've bought Fairy Cakes, a cupcake bakery, the good news is the sisters get to taste test all the flavors. The bad news, they have to move to faraway Snuggler’s Harbor.

The rundown and stinky town is about as disappointing as a stale cupcake until they discover a rebel fairy trapped in a pickle jar hidden in a dusty corner of the basement. It turns out the mayor misused her fairy magic and put everyone in the town under a spell, hence the stench and the briny-brains of the people.

With a bit of help from Elvis the crooning cat, and a little hindrance from a pleated-skirt wearing set of pranksters, the girls get sticky as they seek out a sprinkle of Twinkle to lift the spell. But the rebel fairy’s magic isn’t enough unless she reunites with her family. As Charlie and Bobbie work together to bake their way out of this dilemma—with a cupcake filled entry into the Pickle Parade—they need a magical miracle to save the town and along the way they realize that being a twin is pretty sweet.
First 250 words:
Her stomach rumbling, eleven-year-old Bobbie crashed through the mudroom door, kicked off her sneakers, and tossed her backpack on the floor. Just a step behind her twin sister, Charlie entered the house, slipped off her ballet flats, and brought her lunch bag and homework into the kitchen looking for the note her mom left telling them when she’d be home.

Charlie and Bobbie squealed with surprised delight when they spotted a plate of perfectly frosted mini-cupcakes waiting for them in the center of the kitchen table. Bobbie broke into a run, elbowing Charlie to be the one to get there first.
Charlie savored a bite as Bobbie went in for seconds, but before she could snag another cupcake, their mom and dad, Anna and Jolly Hart, burst into the kitchen looking excited. 
 “We have big news,” Anna announced, her ponytail bobbing up and down.

“Maybe a bit more vanilla, just a smidge,” Jolly said.
“That doesn’t sound like big news,” Bobbie said eager for another cupcake.

“It actually does have to do with what we want to share with you,” Anna answered.

“What is it?” Bobbie asked licking some chocolate off her finger.

“We bought a bakery,” Anna declared, her voice squeaking. Jolly’s bearded grin reached up to his twinkling eyes.

“That’s cool,” Bobbie said as she thought of all the yummy treats she’d get to eat.

“There’s more,” Jolly said.

“It’s in Maine,” they said together. The old wooden clock on the kitchen wall counted ten seconds in the silence that followed.

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