Monday, October 21, 2013

Valuable Links -Grammar Answers

As a finance major living in an English major's world, I have a lot of questions. Need to know when to place a hyphen? 

Whether you mean 'affect' or 'effect'? 

Whether to use 'that' or 'which'? 

Does a question mark go inside quotes or outside?

Why a gerund sentence should be avoided. 

Commas! Where do they belong?

Need I say more.

Grammar Girl is your solution for quick and dirty tips to often asked grammar questions. 


  1. Great points. Now I'm scurrying to my query and first 250 to see if I messed up. Thanks for the link!

  2. And don't get me started on the horrible (and widespread) misuse of celibate, as in, "I plan to stay celibate until marriage." Yes, we all do that.

  3. *pauses, goes to Merriam Webster, looks up celibate* OH! lol I learned something today. :D