Monday, July 27, 2015

New Agent 18: HOMING PIGEON, YA Historical

Title: Homing Pigeon
Word count: 75,000
Genre: YA Historical


Ten months into the Great War, fifteen-year-old Ashley's brother Jack enlists in the Army. That very same night, as incendiary bombs rain down from a German Zeppelin and flames lick the cobblestone streets of White Chapel, Ashley watches Jack run terrified into the darkness. So she hatches a plan. She will shear her hair, steal his kit, and assume his identity. She will save him by taking his place as a trench runner in France.

But merely going to war is not enough. Ashley must learn navigation, marksmanship, and soldierly obedience--all while binding her chest and hiding her period from the boys. Every day at the Front is a battle just to survive, but Ashley wants to do more than live. She strives to be the best, hoping that she might someday be the one to deliver a crucial message and end the war.

Thus begins her journey through the poppy fields of Belgium and France, fraught with terror, injury, and the near constant threat of exposure, but also friendship more exquisite than any she has read about in her beloved Dickens. It is a journey which ends by the banks of the River Somme, where she realizes that it was never Jack who she was meant to save.

First 250 words:

Sometimes I linger longer than I ought—leaning on the fence whilst the boys play football, shirts and skins—long enough that Mary Ellen and her gaggle of cackling hens pass by on their way home from the Upper School.

“Look at her there,” her shrill voice crows, right on cue. “Lusting after the boys like she could ever catch an eye. Are those your brother’s old rags you’re wearing, or did you steal them off some poor lad’s wash line?”

Resisting the urge to face them, I don't run my fingers through the unruly mop of hair I tied up before this morning’s scrubbing. I don’t touch the frayed seems of my hand-me-down trousers in shame.

When I was still at school, I thought only of how I longed to join the boys upon the field of play. But since The Great War began a year ago, I can’t help thinking how one day soon this field will lie vacant, or else be turned over to marching drills and war games, as one by one they join up and leave Whitechapel far behind. But I will still be left here: standing and watching.

“Book in her hand like she’s had enough schooling to be half-literate,” Mary Ellen adds when I don’t rise to the bait. 

“Why Mary Ellen Wheelwright,” I say, not taking my eyes off the football scrimmage, “I had no idea the purpose of Upper School was to finally teach you girls how to read.”


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