Monday, July 27, 2015

New Agent 4: THE BOOK OF AGES, MG Fantasy

Title: The Book of the Ages
Word count: 72,000
Genre: MG Fantasy


Thirteen-year-old Brooks Edison finds a small, black book in the public library. Four strange hieroglyphs adorn the cover. More fill the pages inside. Fortunately, he can read the spell scribbled on a piece of paper that falls out. It mentions a door. He and three friends try the spell out, sure it won’t work.

It does.

The spell transports them to Kilandia, a world where elves make the worst chefs, dwarves are bodybuilders, and pint-sized dragons can’t even breathe fire. Wizards once reigned over the land, but now only one remains: the Black Wizard. He imprisoned all those who opposed him under magic domes, which isn’t winning him any Ruler of the Year awards. 

Brooks learns the book is a powerful weapon of magic only wizards can use. The White Wizard disappeared with it a hundred years ago. Brooks happens to look exactly like him, which is helping his popularity in ways he wish it wouldn’t. Everyone believes the White Wizard has returned and will use the book to free them.

Problem is, Brooks isn’t the White Wizard.

And someone steals the book the moment he arrives. 

Unless Brooks and his friends can find the book, figure out how to use it, and defeat the Black Wizard, the domes will collapse in four days, crushing everyone inside. No small task for the White Wizard. For Brooks, it's all but impossible.

First 250 words:

Brooks Edison eased his front door closed, pressed his ear against it, and listened. He let out a long breath he’d been holding.


Adjusting his backpack, he took off down the street. His bathrobe billowed behind, and the warm August breeze blew his stark white hair off his forehead. Brooks’s hair stood out like a beacon, a gift from his great grandfather, Albert. Although the comments and stares stopped bothering him long ago, he didn’t want anyone recognizing him now if they happened to be up this late.  

He glanced at the moon and then his watch.

One minute. I’ll never make it.  
A bark erupted from the side of a house. A huge German shepherd rounded it at the speed of sound, displaying a killer set of sharp teeth. Brooks jumped sideways, his heart pounding. The dog stopped an inch from Brooks, growling like a rabid wolf.

“Sadie.” Brooks caught his breath. “It’s me. Brooksy. Did you jump the fence again?”

Sadie barked and offered Brooks a paw. 

“Good, girl.” Brooks shook it before wiping sweat from the back of his neck. “Now get back inside.”

Sadie flew around the side of the house and jumped the fence into the backyard.

Brooks bolted, glancing again at his watch.

Midnight. I’ll murder that stupid alarm clock when I get back.

He swallowed hard when he reached the woods at the end of the street. Black holes had more light. Wind whistling through the branches sounded a lot like we’re ready to eat you now.


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