Monday, July 27, 2015

New Agent 9: THE FREQUENCY OF BLUE, YA Magical Realism

Title: The Frequency of Blue
Word count: 74,000
Genre: YA Magical Realism


Three friends make it out of the crash alive.

Drew, the driver, walks away with a single scratch, easily mended.

Gopher loses his sight.

Ryan falls unconscious in the ambulance, but she’s awake and talking when her mother kicks Drew out of her room.

But when Drew goes to visit her the next day, Ryan’s bed is empty, and the hospital staff informs him of her death. Her mother shuts off her phone, surrenders her precious pug to the local shelter, and ships her body to Louisiana for a private family funeral – all before Drew realizes the need for farewell. The only connection left is the notebook they shared as a creative outlet – she to write, he to draw.

When a mysterious new entry appears in the notebook, Drew learns that Gopher has been hearing Ryan’s voice. Despite Gopher’s reluctance to serve as translator, Drew quickly realizes that he may not have to say goodbye after all. When his desire to prolong their conversation jeopardizes his only remaining friendship, Drew struggles to move on without leaving Ryan behind.

First 250 words:

Drew couldn’t shake the stench of blood and lilac. The metal bed frame dug in behind his knees as he watched the medic talk to the nurse and gesture in his direction. He should smell antiseptic and cotton swabs and tile, but the thick sweet aroma persisted and dragged him back to that slick stretch of highway. To the hypnotic pattern of red, blue, and yellow flashes that turned his stomach.

He remembered the sick panic when he’d seen the black cocoon on its stretcher. He’d made it only two paces before the medic stepped into his path. She’d pressed her hands firmly against his shoulders. “Stop.”

He’d tried to keep moving. “Who is that? Who’s in the bag?”


Drew stopped. What was he planning to do? Tear down the zipper and find Ryan or Gopher lifeless beneath the plastic? The tremor started in his hands and moved up his arms.

“Look at me.” The medic snapped her fingers an inch short of his nose. “The EMTs are working to help your friends. That’s the other driver.”

The tightness around his chest eased, but the tremor remained. He closed his eyes. His lids muted the flashing, but they’d done nothing to ease the clench of his fists as the rescue workers loaded Ryan and Gopher into separate ambulances.

Even now, even though he knew he was safe in the ER, behind his eyes he saw the only things that mattered – Ryan and Gopher flat on their backs, cobwebs of mist forming on their hair.


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