Monday, July 27, 2015

New Agent 26: BOOT ME, BLONDIE, Adult Romance

Title: Boot Me, Blondie
Word Count: 90,000
Genre: Adult Romance

Drivers on the mean streets of Philadelphia, watch out.  Bianca 'Ana' Schroeder is on the clock and ready to get you.  She's short, blonde, and worst of all, she's PPA, the Philadelphia Parking Authority.  She’s one of the most despised people in the city, but just wants to make a decent living (and remove the annoying ten pounds from her hips).

Ana spends her days ticketing, booting, and facing down irate citizens.  Dodging soda cans and golf clubs aimed at her head was definitely left out in the job description, but if that doesn’t keep a girl in fighting shape, nothing will.  Working to keep her partner Tish out of the remedial anger management courses isn’t glamorous, but it's predictable with a steady paycheck.  All that changes when she boots the car of business tycoon Jonathan Hadley. 

A shark in the boardroom and corporate world, Jon Hadley doesn’t tolerate distractions. His success is a direct result of making sure every piece in his life fits where he wants… except for the intriguing blonde commandeering his car.  Suddenly, his main priority turns to figuring out why his reputation and money send this particular woman running in the opposite direction.

When a mysterious death entwines their very different lives together Ana and Jon struggle to make sense of their relationship, and find common ground with their different backgrounds. Otherwise, they may just have to rely on the cardinal rule of parking enforcement – when in doubt, lock that wheel boot and run!

First 250 words:

A springtime Sunday morning promised relaxation for most people.  A leisurely brunch followed mass, with close family and friends; this rarely changed or varied, except a possible church omission in lieu of a drink.  Mimosas and eggs benedict with creamy sauce filled hungry stomachs, while lazy afternoons segued into cozy family dinners. 

Except Ana Schroeder.  Ana hauled out early, drank coffee that seared a few layers of skin off the tongue, and choked down a candy bar.  Then she had the pleasure of throwing herself into a dingy van to spend the day getting verbally abused, with no appreciation.  Throw in a real threat of getting shot at or brained by someone's purse, and she went well into the evening hours.

Dawn turned the sky shades of pink and orange as she sat in an uncomfortable plastic chair, a cup of acidic coffee clutched between her hands.  Her rear tingled with numbness, a headache brewed, and the chocolate bar she’d wolfed down minutes ago threatened havoc with her blood sugar.  The employee break room at the Parking Authority’s central headquarters filled slowly with individuals like herself, all girding their loins and prepping to spend yet another day in a job that sucked so much, yet proved so vital to a busy, commercial city.

Not one shift went by where she didn’t spend at least a few seconds wondering how the hell her ass landed working for the PPA.  Four years of college tuition and she became a glorified meter maid.


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